I’ve fought it for years, the guys want chickens. I’m a born and raised
suburbanite, eggs are white, come from the store, in neat packages,
period.??? Well after the last shock at the grocery store I figured
that fresh eggs would be an OK thing. Jed (9) is really excited, we’ll
see how excited he is in a month or so. Today is the "construct the
run" day. For the coop, we will use the old clubhouse that the boys
have outgrown and the grandkids use on days they are here when it’s
nice weather, which hasn’t happened too much lately. I think they will
enjoy the chickens more than the clubhouse. We pick up the 12 chickens
tuesday, will keep you posted.

kids and puppies

There is nothing like watching kids and new born puppies. I’ll try to update puppy photos as they grow. They ALMOST make me want to have one.

Tacoma trip

We’ve lived in Washington for 18 years and outside of driving past on the interstate we have not been to Tacoma. Interesting city, unique. We visited the State history museum, very interesting and outside and next door are amazing displays of Dale Chihuly art glass. There is a glass museum but we’ll have to save that for another time. The first photos are from the walkway bridge over the interstate. The collection of many pieces of glass are incased in the ceiling. Other individual pieces are in a case in the wall, again over the interstate. The flowers mounted on the window are in the Federal Building next to the museum, as well as the HUGE hanging sculpture, round thingy and spikes set in logs.  

Christmas 07

Hope you all had a great Christmas. Our family get togethers are hectic, wonder why with 5 kids running around. Hard to get them all to sit still for photos, unless it was their idea!! God Bless you in the coming New Year!

Christmas programs and snow

 The highlights of December are the kids in their Chrismas programs and the rare sprinkling of snow. Photos are of 2 of my angelic grandkids Tony almost 8 and Amanda 5 – at their elementary school program. It was too cute even if the photos are sub – standard. (HINT HINT Santa: I need a new camera!!) Jed was in the program at church and as you can see was in the choir. What a great idea labeling the parts, just incase you couldn’t tell, and in some cases you couldn’t, as with a 4 year old wiseguy or supposedly "wiseman". The kid should persue become a standup comedian. Wish I had the video camera with me!!


I almost missed this one but caught a glimps in my rearview mirror in time to record this. I still can’t figure out what the shadow lines in the clouds were from?